Bimetal Strips

Bimetal Strips

Bimetal Strips Stockist & Supplier

Different applications of the industry require diverse  components manufactured from distinct metals, whose composite proportions considered in form of a ratio, affect the finished product. Our highly advanced chemical arrangements and proposed designs of the components, yield desirable results as required by the client. 

Bimetal Strips are used in applications related to the principle of converting temperature variances into mechanical movements. The bimetal strips are made of two or more different metals that are either riveted or welded together. Combined metals have different expansion and contraction values, depending on the degree of temperature they are exposed to. Most commonly used metal in this arrangement is Stainless steel, similar to the Stainless steel shims along with a combination of either copper or chromium. A prime example where Bimetal Strips are prominently used are Electric fuses. The strip works by detecting a current overload in the electric supply box, which results in an increase in the temperature expanding the wire, causing a circuit break. 

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