Bimetal Washer

Bimetal Washer

Bimetal Washer Manufacturer & Supplier

Our engineers are profound in manufacturing all products exhibiting dynamic characteristics, which bring about maximum productivity in their area of application as compared to the static products, that form another essential rung in the industry. Before the actual process of engineering begins our team of experts carry out tests on raw composite combinations, to check their compatibility with each other. 

Unlike Bimetal Strips and Bimetallic washers, Bimetal Washer are identified as circular concentric units, used in areas where occurrence of electrochemical reactions is inevitable. Presence of external factors like moisture, or contact with chemicals causes a current to flow from one metal to another causing corrosion at the point of contact. Similar to the anatomy of Bimetallic Washers, the use of dissimilar metals prevents this flow of current. Either of the used metals are connected to the conductors of each other, preventing galvanic corrosion. Due to the deployment of this combination of dissimilar metals the use of Bimetal washers and Bimetallic washers is widely renown in the chemical industry. 

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