Copper Tube

Copper Tube

Copper Tube In Roll Form Stockist & Supplier

The flexible nature of our products makes it possible to advocate its use in domestic applications as well. The tests carried on the said products ensures, that they can capably withstand any growing amount of stress of tensile tension on their surface, making their use in the every day application quite adaptable. 

Copper Tube are mainly used in temperature variant purposes as opposed to ground work like PVC Copper Tubes, which are concealed under the ground for transporting flammable or hazardous supply material. Copper tubes posses the capability to maintain uniform temperature of the supply material, making its use prominent in the HVAC application inside refrigeration and Air conditioning system. Low temperatures have certain warping effect on ordinary metals, which is not the case with copper tubes. Copper tubes can be easily welded or joined to one another, which makes installation and assembly a simple task. 

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