Cupro Nickel Fittings

Cupro Nickel Fittings

Cupro Nickel Fittings Manufacturer & Supplier

A wide stock of different metals has resulted in multitude of components crafted by us out of a combination of alloys, increasing the native properties of the final product. The design phase plays a crucial role in determining the assessments of the final products, enabling flawless production that benefits the industry. 

Cupro nickel is a combined alloy made from copper and nickel, two metals who are known individually for their superior properties, such as anti-corrosion, high malleability and ductility. The alloy is grouped  under the category of extremely adaptable alloys, suitable for manufacturing products that can withstand the heavy industry workload. Cupro nickel fittings find way in the piping systems as forged fittings, buttweld fittings, facilitating easy framework ensuring a steady supply. Unlike the Stainless steel fittings, the Cupro nickel fittings exhibit varied properties, making their use distinct in a piping system transporting chemicals and corrosive liquids.

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