Ibr Fitting

Ibr Fitting

IBR Fittings Manufacturer & Supplier

We have gained enough impetus in crafting products for specified domains, where the use of knock offs is not ideal. Similar to how Bimetal Shim are used in places to prevent corrosion after coming in contact with fluids, we put forth an extended range of products made specifically for such dedicated areas of applications. 

The Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR) is a set of guidelines laid out by the government, to regulate safe and accurate production of the fittings for the boiler area. As the boiler rooms and its working mechanism is hazardous, every part of the fitting is tested and checked for maximum efficiency before being installed. Fittings can be of any form, based on traditional designs or custom designs made as per client request. They can be made from a combination of metal alloys, resulting in a final product that inherits all the essential properties of its composite material, required in the long run. 

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