Ibr Forged Flanges

Ibr Forged Flanges

IBR Forged Flanges Manufacturer & Supplier

The various laid down rules and guidelines that come into play during production and testing of a product, are followed thoroughly to ensure a quality product with accurate dimensions. Our engineers utilize the best calibrated machinery to manufacture the expected product by referring to these industrial standards. 

Every product that falls under the IBR standard has been made using combination of metal alloys giving it much needed strength required in stringent domains of the industry. IBR Forged Flanges specifically used in the boiler facilities are made from alloys that are used to manufacture Stainless steel fittings due to their adaptable qualities. The flanges come in different dimensions and sizes and are made specifically by considering the industrial standards. Flanges in the boiler facilities have increased resistance towards high temperature operations, as they act as joining points between two pipes. The constant contact with liquids does not rust the surface of the flanges, who have a higher functional life then most alloy flanges.  

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