Lead Sheet

Lead Sheet

Lead Sheet Manufacturer & Supplier

Expanding further, our catalog of products ranges beyond the realm of primitive components, without being limited to just industrial or machine related applications. The manufactured products find great use in other professional domains, related to different acoustic applications like sound production and sound confinement. Lead Sheet are a bright example of one such application. 

Lead Sheet are thin flexible sheets made out of lead alloy, that are used in medical devices and hospitals to protect patients from excess radiation exposure. Medical practitioners have made the usage of lead sheets mandatory like Bimetal Washers in the piping industry, as it absorbs Gamma radiation projected by the medical equipment during body scan procedures. Chemical labs use the lead sheets as surface protector, due to its anti-corrosive properties against harsh chemicals. The core composition of different types of leads like chemical lead, calcium lead, and antimonial lead give the sheets long lasting functional properties. The molecular structure of the lead sheets is extremely dense, enabling trapping of sound within certain confinements.

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