Precut Shims

Precut Shims

Precut Shims manufacturer & Supplier

Along with the many post processed components and parts we offer, we specialize in crafting several custom made parts as per client needs. These custom parts are manufactured by us in a dedicated machinery, capable of hatching dimensions that don’t find common use in the industry. 

Precut Shims made from stainless steel similar to SS 316 Shims, are widely used in motors, fans, grinders and other appliances of domestic as well industrial nature. These shims have enough fidelity, and can be folded or molded into shapes by placing them in pressure molds. As per the application requirements, the shim stock sheets are cut by machine sets that clamp them down and make precise cuts in the desired shape, using dies of different shapes. After the cut is made the sharp edges of the shims are rounded to prevent any injury, to the person who will be responsible for the installation of the shims in the appliance. 

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