Pvc Coated Copper Tube

Pvc Coated Copper Tube

Pvc Coated Copper Tube Stockist & Supplier

Our engineers have taken care of every new technological realm, that as has found inception in the age of modern engineering. The relational experience with clients from different walks of the industrial world, speaks for the diversity we maintain in our catalog. 

If stainless steel shims find use in the machining industry, Copper tubes covered in Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) material have been the precursor of the supply industry. High pressure petroleum gases nature are supplied to households over cities, by concealing the supply lines under the ground as opposed to the surface. Under the surface, copper pipes maintain their normal condition amidst all the surrounding degrading factors like moist soil, water leaks. The addition of PVC coating acts as a additional protective layer on the copper surface. The PVC coating also prevents the formation of moisture on the external surface of the pipes, in applications related to air conditioning, reducing the hassles of sleeving or covering the piping system. 

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