Stainless Steel Fitting

Stainless Steel Fitting

Stainless Steel Fitting Manufacturer & Supplier

Being among the pioneers of the metal industry we have developed profound ways of utilizing a single native material, to craft multiple components from. This method has helped us hone in on the intricate requirements of the client, while consistently maintaining the basic properties of the native material being used.

Usually Stainless Steel Fitting possess the properties of being easily malleable and ductile, but in this case the fittings are temperature hardened to sustain the blow and impact of its area of application. Malleable and ductile properties of the fittings enable the shaping of the steel in molten form, which eventually cools down and takes a hardened form. The fittings come in angled shapes, changing the way in which the supply is routed through the piping system. Stainless Steel Fitting can also be custom made, splitting the input valve into three output valves, easing the construction of the piping framework. 
They inherit diverse properties then the Cupro Nickel Fittings.

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