Stainless Steel Washer

Stainless Steel Washer

Stainless Steel Washer Manufacturer & Supplier

Apart from major industrial applications Pearl Overseas has been an active manufacturer of piping and plumbing  parts. Keeping aside the traditional ways in which the piping and plumbing components are made, we have adopted modern ways of using precise and accurate methods using predetermined assessments that match the produced results later in the stage, highlighting our competence in thinking ahead of time. 

A washer in its most individual form is recognized as a circular, disk shaped component which may vary in thickness. It has a hole in its center, whose width is determined by the thickness of the fastener that  goes through it. Generally used in the same way a Stainless Steel Shims or bimetal washer is used, it fills up the space between the fastener and the area where it is fixated. The Stainless Steel Fasteners are most trusted due to their durability and anti-corrosive properties which make them viable for use in any area of application.  

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