About Us


Our foundation took roots in the year 2015, and we have thereby established a firm ground since then, making a name for ourselves as the highest quality providers of Pipe fittings, Aluminum products, Steel round bars, and Bimetal products. Every product offered by us is combined effort of persistence and deep resolution put in by our design team, decimating all bounds of resistance that showed up during different phases of production. The production begins from meticulous planing among the responsible engineers, who plan out the entire process well in advance, laying out a facilitating road map for a fluid motion in the production process.

On the relational side of things, we hold a memorable bond with our clients and their utmost satisfaction, is held in high regards throughout the entire process. Right from the initial talks to the point where the product delivery is due, we ensure that expected quality service catering to the client, is consistently maintained by us.

Guided by our company chief Mr. Mitul Shah, we are powerhouse of factual management and systematic deliverance. Not only have we found our cadence of functionality under his wings but also the encouragement to aim for the best in this industry.


We proudly wield the strength of numerous modern machines calibrated to perfection, and set to achieve the results by utilizing cutting edge technology. The said machines run on latest computerized firmwares, dedicated to provide precise results that match our predetermined assessments. The base of our genesis has been set up in several industrial lands in the metropolitan. For the sake of scrutinizing every process carefully, the industry has itself been divided into different sections like Pre-production phase, Production phase and finally the Testing phase. All these sections are amply stocked with the necessary tools, to combat certain needs that may arise.


Customer satisfaction has been our prime goal in the march of high quality industry production, and the deployment of a top class team of employees is a crucial element that played a major role in our early success. Jotting down all the essential needs of our clients by paying close attention to the minute details in our customers requirement statements, and clearly communicating business policies guarantees more than good for anyone who chooses to do business with us. It wouldn’t hurt to say that customer relations are a major backbone our industrial commerce.


The ultimate feel and quality of our product speaks for the amount of work the goes behind the screen in our industrial unit. Right from using high quality raw material, to opting accurate machinery controlled by automated systems, astounding quality has been a forerunner in our way of things. A dedicated team of quality inspectors, carry out the task of scrutinizing the procured raw material, at the same time another team keeps a check on the products that are collected in the storage area after undergoing post-production and treatment. Strict compliance with all the International standards is maintained without making any compromise in quality.


A organized blend of constructive organization, high quality production, and regulated testing practice our grade of products hold the highest place in the hierarchy of the products related to the industry. The products are offered at on of its kind reasonable rates in the market. Our repertoire in conducting fluent business warms any client, making him our confidante.


With every new wave that hits the market our ways of functioning and vast catalog goes through crucial changes, to catch hold of the time without falling behind. Establishing provisions of high quality products contributing in the progress of the industry’s commerce, has been a long term goal since our inception.


Keeping the goal of customer satisfaction at the helm throughout our substantial progress, we have sworn an oath to keep making superior quality products that satisfy the needs of every person we work with, bring about an impetus to the global industry.

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